Improving healthcare by sharing knowledge

Founded by Dutch surgeons

MDLinking was founded by a group of Dutch surgeons, who realised that they, and their colleagues across the globe, would be able to increase the quality of care if only they were provided with a set of tools that would allow them to share their knowledge.

International development team & advisory board

A broad group of MD's from all over the world, helped us develop a unique set of tailor made tools, that enable healthcare professionals to connect on a global scale and perform what we call collective tele-medicine.

Do good & patient privacy

MDLinking is very much about helping doctors and nurses across the globe by providing the best possible healthcare to their patients, no matter where the doctor and the patient are located. MDLinking will never compromise on the privacy of the patients that are treated.

Unique combination of tools offered for FREE

MDLinking offers a unique combination of three tailor made tools: connect - communicate - educate. These separate tools are brought together in one platform that is totally free for all healthcare professionals across the globe.

  1. Development of Demo model

    March 2015
  2. Broadcasted on Dutch National TV

    Feb 2016
  3. Launch Beta version with 500 MD's spread across 20 countries

    April 2016
  4. Endorsement by Dutch Ministry of Healthcare

    May 2016
  5. Partnership with Samsung

    June 2016
  6. Partnership with Gemelli Hospital in Rome

    July 2016
  7. Endorsement by Kenyan Ministry of Healthcare

    Aug 2016
  8. Aga Khan Development Network

    Sept 2016

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